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API keys

Requesting you to please arrange for API keys


What is broadcast and whats its use can you please explain in detail

Contact is specific to Contact Group?

For creating a contact you are expecting a contact group id in the request. My Questions are... 1. Can I create the same contact in Multiple contact groups? 2. If I created the same contact in multiple contact groups, the contact id would be same or not?

Is there any integration kit available for API Dial Plan?

Please provide it

create token

how to create token

How to use recording URL for Webhook in my application

Hi All, I have configured Webhook for Servetel account. I am getting the recording URL in the response Sample URL - https://s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/customer.servetel.in/call-recording/112334/6jjdjdjdjd.mp3 But when we are trying to integrate the recording in our angular 9 application we are getting the CORS error. Can someone please help.

"Invalid credentials" Error while generating Token

When i have pass the user name and email pass for generating token, i am getting issue... "{ "success": false, "message": "Invalid credentials" }" and same email and password i am login with https://customer.servetel.in/ its working proper. can you told me what i am missing.

What is Authorization field in click to call API?

hi we are trying to call api for click to call function but getting error "You couldn't be authenticated" we dont know what to put in Authorization field.Please help