Introduction to APIs

At Servetel, we understand that customers want to communicate in a variety of ways from a swift request for an SMS or desires to get the issue resolved at the earliest without having to encapsulate their issue to the agent repeatedly every time they call. All customers need is convenience and having a substantial customer support.

Our APIs ensure customers are provisioned with multiple options to reach us via incoming and outgoing phone calls while streamlining workflows and managing growth. Also, the APIs ensure to operate these calls by representatives who manage each call and keep track of open cases and transactions. Simply, we ensure to provide a delightful customer experience.

Our APIs let customers engage with the agents on the channels we use every day. We include IVR, SMS, Call Notes, Auto-Attendant, Broadcast Campaign, which fit together to build a world-class contact center experience piece by piece. The APIs render benefits for decision-makers, developers and allow them to select the API that works for the company’s specific business needs so as to expand the product insights. Hence, our APIs provisions easy-to-use analytics to track, measure, and iterate so as to constantly improve the customer experience.


Significance of Our APIs

Our APIs can be used to export information from one interface to another, embed information from one interface to another, or extend functionality. The services we automate with APIs are:

1. Better Customer Experience

If the customer calls when the call volume is aplenty, they’re likely to be on hold and are placed in the queue.

But a customer might prefer to get immediate help rather than wait around for an email or live chat response. That's where our, Auto-Attendant APIs comes underplay as it keeps customers acquaint with important business information and other several call details. Therefore, the customer diligently listens to whatever the auto-attendant has to offer and gets engaged in the call. More to it, avail another highly valuable API, the IVR APIs that helps to retain customers in the call so as to gather and give information promptly via a choice menu. Also, avail it, to be available 24/7 for the customers.

Ensuing that, utilize the Broadcast APIs to connect customers with agents when in the waiting time gets ended. Also, to conduct surveys and analyse the agent efficiency so as to ensure that the customer gets the issue resolved, get hold of the Fetch a List of Call Detail Records API.

Avail the Call Operations APIs, to deliver the right solution to the customers spot on time and helps to make each call count by addressing all the customer related issues that aids the agent to take an action. Moreover, our Call Detail Records (CDR) aids the calling and customer satisfactory process as it helps to figure out the call flow from the spot the call is initiated till it patches with the agent.

2. Boost agent productivity

Building customer's trust, growing teams, and keeping the service consistent within a constantly changing environment and, most importantly, an ever-changing world requires a company representative. A representative or an agent not only master the art of communication and listening skills, but also asking quality questions to get to the root of the problem to provide every customer with a quick, efficient, and pleasant call. So, make use of our User APIs to create agents to provide a successful customer service.

Some leads show interest in becoming a customer. Another person gives you rock-bottom feedback in a survey.

What is the link between these two?

Connecting with the agent! The lead wants to connect with the agent and turn into a potential customer. To connect with the agent, the two-way call mechanism is put-to-use, wherein the inbound or outbound call gets connected on any of the DIDs assigned to the agent. In order to apprehend the list of the DIDs or update a DID, make use of the Number APIs.

An outbound call in any of the scenarios is valuable. But how do you even start placing outbound calls to different leads when, in reality, it’s not two people you need to call; it’s two hundred, or two thousand. This time it is the Click to Call API. Also, in order to create notes of the call in real-time, utilize the Call Notes APIs. That’s an example of great service that agents value a lot.

3. Scale Elastically

A massive number of customers contact for basic information and have similar kinds of queries. In order to provide solutions to all the customer at once, make use of our Contact APIs.