Create User

This API allows you to create a new User.

Sample Request

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
  "create_agent": true,
  "create_web_login": true,
  "status": true,

📘 Important!

Before we begin, note that the * sign denotes the mandatory variables in each table.

Request Variables (Body Params)

The following parameter is required to create a user:

Variable NameDescriptionData Type
name*Name of the userstring
number*Mobile number of the user.string
create_agent*Whether you want to create the user or not.Boolean
email*Email ID of the user.string
login_id*Define login ID for web login. For example: testuser.string
user_role*Role ID defined for the user, it can be extracted by editing the role on the web panel and copying it from the
password*Define password for web login.string
status*Status of the user. Enabled/DisabledBoolean
caller_id*Define IDs of the numbers allotted to user. It can be extracted via GET MyNumbers API.array of integer.
block_web_loginBlock access to web login.Boolean
user_for_cdrUsers defined for user to see the CDRs.object (user_for_cdr)
login_based_callingWhether calling would work based on logging to the application.Boolean
agent_groupThe agent groups to allot on a user. For example, sales group.array of strings.
departmentThe departments to allot to a user. For example, Sales Department, Finance Department.
Note: The departments are separated by commas.
array of strings.
time_groupThe timegroup to allot to a user. For example, Evening Shift.string
create_extensionWhether extension is to be created for the user.Boolean

Response Variables

The response returned is as following:

Variable NameDescriptionData Type
SuccessThe request success status, the possible values are: True (default) for success. False for failure.Boolean
MessageThe message corresponding to the success status. For example, in 400 Response where the "success" variable pops as True, the message displayed is shown here.String
ErrorThe error type is shown is here, if any variable input is not selected properly.Object
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