Fetch List of Leads in Lead List

This API allows you to fetch list of leads in lead list.

Sample Request

curl --request GET \
     --url https://api.servetel.in/v1/broadcast/leads/id \
     --header 'accept: application/json'

📘 Important!

Before we begin, note that the * sign denotes the mandatory variables in each table.

Request Variables (Path Params)

The following parameter is required to fetch list of leads in lead list:

Variable NameDescriptionData Type
idUnique ID of the broadcast List to which the lead corresponds toString

Sample Response

    "id": 21025113,
    "lead_id": 21025113,
    "list_id": 5358,
    "field_0": "+9188888888882",
    "field_1": "xyz",
    "field_2": null,
    "field_3": null,
    "field_4": null,
    "field_5": "1200",
    "field_6": "July 2",
    "skill_id": null,
    "move_to_hopper_status": 1,
    "time_group": null,
    "added_by": 10959,
    "created_by": 10959,
    "dial_status": 2,
    "lead_picked": 0,
    "available_at": {
      "$date": {
        "$numberLong": "1608049043000"
    "dialer_dial_status": 0,
    "created_at": {
      "$date": {
        "$numberLong": "1593030529000"
    "retry_count": 0,
    "alternate_phone_number": null,
    "priority": null,
    "list_name": "June Payment Collection",
    "header": "[\"Phone Number\",\"Name\",\"Email Id\",\"Address\",\"Company Name\",\"Due Amount\",\"Due Date\"]",
    "sensitive_field_map": null,
    "dialer_skill": null

Response Variables

The response returned is as following:

Variable NameDescriptionData Type
idUnique ID of the broadcast List to which the lead corresponds toString
lead_idUnique ID of the LeadInteger
list_idUnique ID of the Broadcast List the lead corresponds toInteger
field_0Phone Number of the LeadString
field_1Name for the LeadString
field_2Email of the LeadString
field_3Address for the LeadString
field_4Company Name of the LeadString
field_5Custom Field.String
field_6Custom Field.String
skill_idUnique ID of the skill assigned to the lead.Integer
time_groupUnique ID of the time group assigned to the lead.Integer
added_byUnique ID of the client.Integer
created_byUnique ID of the client.Integer
dial_statusStatus of the lead. For example: "1" => "New", "2" => "Message Played" , "3" => "DTMF Pressed", "4" => "No Answer", "5" => "DND", "6" => "Busy", "7" => "Congestion", "8" => "Failed", "9" => "Account DND".Integer
lead_pickedWhether the call is answered by the lead or not.Integer
available_at.$date.$numberLongTotal time for which the lead was available to call.String
dialer_dial_statusDisposition status of the lead in the lead list. For example: 'New' => 0, 'Undisposed' => -1, 'Number in Account DND List' => -2, 'Number in Public DND List' => -3, 'Emergency' => -4, 'Call Drop' => -5, 'Channel Limit Reached' => -6, 'Number in Account Block List' => -7.Integer
created_at.$date.$numberLongTime at which the lead was created in the listString
retry_countTimes for which the call has been retried for the lead.String
alternate_phone_numberAlternate phone number of the lead.String
priorityPriority at which the lead will be selected to dial. Note: Priority should be between 1 and 30 where 30 is highest and 1 is lowest.Integer
list_nameName of the List Lead corresponds toString
headerName of all the detail fields that corresponds to the LeadJSON
sensitive_field_mapNumber of fields mapped with the lead that are sensitive.String.
dialer_skillID and name of the skill list assigned to the lead.Object

fields can increase like field_7, field_8 etc. according to the field array that is set while creating the Broadcast List.

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