Call Disposition

The Servetel Dialer Agent Panel allows an agent to enter the Disposition Details to enter the outcome of the call.

The agent views the below Disposition Details dialog box once the call gets disconnected.

The agent needs to fill in the details as described below:


Disposition StatusChoose the status from the available options - Answered, Invalid Number, Interested, etc. to mark the outcome of a call on the basis of whether the customer answered the call or was interested in the conversation or not.
Disposition NoteEnter the note as per the status.
NameEnter the name of the customer.
Callback DateEnter the date on which the call will be scheduled.
NoteEnter the notes regarding the call discussion.
Remind MeEnable the toggle to remind the agent about the scheduled call.
Note: The agent will make the call manually when the agent receives the reminder popup.
Callback AgentSelect the agent from the dropdown list who will call the customer.
Reminder TimeSelect the time from the dropdown to get a reminder before the call.

Then, click on the Submit button. The below screen appears with the following message as highlighted in the screenshot.

If instead of Submit, you click on the Cancel button the lead will appear in the undisposed lead bucket as illustrated in the below screenshot.

In this case, you can open the undisposed call section and the call disposition can be submitted later.