Dialer Agent Break Summary Report

The Dialer Agent Break Summary Report allows you to track the agent's breaks by analyzing how long they were on break and how many breaks they have taken so far. It will help you determine which agents are taking more breaks and which break codes are being used more frequently, allowing you to create new break codes based on agent comfort.

To view the dialer agent break summary report, click on the Reporting then Dialer Agent Break Summary Report tab on the side navigation.


This helps you filter out the report based on the selected agent groups with selected agents.

  1. Click Agent from the top-left corner of the page.

  2. Select the agent from the list.

  3. Click Search.

Dailer agent break summary report

Agent NameName of the agent.
Dialer CampaignThe name of the dialer campaign to which the agent is assigned.
Agent GroupThe name of the group to which the agent has been assigned.
Total Break DurationTotal time the agent was on break.
Total Break CountThe total number of breaks taken by the agent.