Template Management

This document is designed to streamline your template management process. Here, you'll find everything you need to master our WhatsApp Messaging Service templates.


  • User credentials for Servetel Admin account.
  • Access to Meta Business Account.
  • Completed Onboarding of Interactions by adding WhatsApp Number.

Template Management

The template management process is described in a stepwise manner below:

  • Log in to the portal with your user credentials.

  • Navigate to Services>Template Management from the side-navigation pane.

  • Click on Create Template on Meta button from top-right section. You will be redirected to Meta Business Suite Page.

  • Log in using your Facebook credentials, on which the Meta business is setup.

  • Create your customized Message Template on Meta.

HeaderWe only support text or media in the Header. Variables are currently not supported.
BodyWe support up to 8 variables in body.
FooterIt should be static text.
ButtonsWe don’t support variables in buttons.
  • Switch back to Services>Template Management, click on Add Template from the top-right section.

  • Select the Template Type as Interactions: WHATSAPP from the dropdown.

Use for WhatsappThe toggle will be default enabled in case it is an Interactions template and can be turned on in case the template it to be used for call events.
StatusChoose whether to enable/disable a template
NameThe name of the template should be the same as Meta. We don’t support special characters in name,
Template TypeChoose ‘WhatsApp’ for live chat or any other type for using the template for missed/answered calls.
SMS Text TypeKeep it default as 'Text (For English)
Media LinkChoose the media type (if any) included in the header
Path URLEnter a public URL (website/Google Drive/OneDrive) that you want to include in the header.
MessageThe body of the template will be the same as Meta.
Template PriorityChoose a number from -100 to 100 to manage the order of the agent template list. The lowest number (-100) will have the highest priority.
Short URL CampaignEnter the URL only if you are using the same template for SMS & WhatsApp
Destination URLEnter the URL only if you are using the same template for SMS & WhatsApp
LanguageChoose the same language of the template as selected on Meta
WhatsApp NumberWhatsApp number for which you have created the template on Meta.
  • Fill in the required details as per the above field description and click on Save.