Click To Call

As discussed in the CDR (Call Detail Records) overview, a Call Detail Record is a data record that provides information about a telephone call or communication transaction. Further, in CDR, calls recorded are segregated into various categories, one such category is Click to Call, which includes a list of all the calls dialed from the portal.

The common KPIs for Click-to-Call, call type have been listed below:

Click to Call

DirectionThe direction of the call. For example, inbound.
StatusThe status of the call response. For example, missed or answered.
DateThe date on which the call was received.
Call IDThe unique ID of the inbound call. For example, 1627373566.350603
Client NumberThe contact number of the client.
My NumberThe purchased (assigned) number is associated with your account.
Call FlowIt is a road map of the call that shows when the call rang, which IVR options were pressed, which department it was routed to, which agent answered it, and when it was hung up.
AnsweredIf the call was answered by the agent, the status is 'Call Answered', else it will be blank.
Call Duration (in seconds)The total duration of the call the agent is on the phone, from the time the call was answered to the time it was hung up. For example, 191
Inbound DurationThe time spent by the customer waiting for the agent to pick up the call. For example, 11
Outbound DurationThe time spent by the agent waiting for the customer to pick up the call.
Hangup CauseThe reason for the call termination (whether the call had some network issue or was disconnected normally).
Recording URLThis is the URL path for a downloadable MP3 audio recording of a particular call segment. The recording is stored, retrieved, and evaluated, according to business needs.
Note: Available recording formats are: Mono(default) & Stereo.
CircleThis represents the customer's network region. For example, Delhi, Haryana, etc.
OperatorThe telecom operators of the customer, like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc.
Agent Name (Click to Call)The name of the agent in charge of the call.
Agent on CallTime (Click to Call)The time spent by the agent on a call with the customer.