Dialer Campaign/Queue Half Hourly Summary Report

The Dialer Campaign/Queue Half-Hourly Summary Report allows you to analyze and monitor campaigns running from the dialer portal for every half-hour interval. It helps in analyzing the number of calls answered, missed, or dropped, as well as the average call response time, handle time, and talk time.

To view the dialer campaign/queue half-hourly summary report, click on the Reporting then Dialer Campaign/Queue Half Hourly Summary Report tab on the side-navigation.


This helps you filter out the report based on the selected campaigns or queues in the campaign.

  1. Click Campaigns/Queues on the top-left corner of the page.

  2. Choose the campaign or queue from the dropdown for which you would want to filter out the report.

  3. Click Search.

dailer campaign half hourly summary report

Interval: Time slots of 30 minutes.

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