System Recordings

The Servetel portal allows you to add & manage system recordings. You may create a new recording as per your requirements or you may also upload an existing recording, which can be used with IVR, Voicemail or Call Broadcast service.

To upload a system recording, follow these steps::

  1. Click on the Services tab on the side-navigation.
  2. Click System Recordings.
  3. A list of all the system recordings appear along with the relevant details.
  4. Click on Upload Recording.

System Recording_1

  1. Enter the File Name & select if you want to upload an existing recording or create a new recording.

System Recording_2

  1. Browse & select the audio file from your local drive in case you wish to upload an existing recording.
  2. Select Create Recording in order to create a new recording.
  3. Enter the text & click on Generate.
  4. Click on Upload and Save.

System Recording_3

File NameEnter the file name of the recording.
Select Recording TypeChoose whether you want to upload an existing recording or create a new recording.
Input Speech LanguageSelect the speech accent from the existing options.
Input Speech VoiceSelect the voice sample from the existing samples.
Input Speech TextEnter the recording text.

To edit, delete and mark system recording as music on hold, click on Select an Action & hit the required option.

System Recording_4