As discussed in the CDR (Call Detail Records) overview, a Call Detail Record is a data record that provides information about a telephone call or communication transaction. Further, in CDR, calls recorded are segregated into various categories, one such category is Dialer, which includes a list of all the calls made using the dialer campaign from the portal.

The common KPIs for Dialer call type have been listed below:


CustomerThe contact number of customers to whom the call is made.
Call TypeThe types of dialer calls can be one of these: Ratio calls, Preview calls, Manual calls, and Inbound calls.
DID NumberThe DID number is used to dial out calls from the dialer.
Connected to AgentThe name of the agent with whom the call was connected.
Connected to Agent Ring TimeThe amount of time that the call rang on the agent's end before being answered or missed.
Missed by Agent(s)The name of the agent(s) who missed the call.
Campaign IDID of Campaign
List IDThe ID of the lead list used in the call
List NameThe name of the lead list used in the campaign
Inbound Queue
Call StatusStatus of the call - Missed, answered, dropped
Disposition CodeLatest disposition code against the call
Disposition NameName of the disposition against the call
Sub Disposition CodeIt provides additional detail about the outcome of the call. For example, within the "Successful Sale" disposition code, there could be various sub-disposition codes such as "Single Product Purchase," "Bundle Purchase," "Upgrade," and so on.
Sub Disposition NameName of the sub-disposition against the call
Wrap Up DurationTime is taken by the agent to select disposition for the call.
Disposition NoteAlso known as call remarks, these are the notes mentioned by the agent against the call.
First Call ResolutionThis tells if the resolution is provided by the agent to the customer on the first call, with which the customer is satisfied and hasn't called again for the same issue.
Call Start DateDate when the call was initiated.
Call Start TimeThe time when the call was initiated.
Call Answered DateDate when the call was answered.
Call Answered TimeThe time when the call was answered.
Call End DateDate when the call ended.
Call End TimeThe time when the call ended.
Ring Duration (hh:mm: ss)The time for which the call was answered (only applicable for dialer outbound calls).
Wait for Duration (hh:mm: ss)The time for which the customer has to wait for his call to be answered (only applicable to outbound and incoming call ratios).
Answer Duration (hh:mm: ss)The time duration for which a call was connected between customer and agent.
Hold Duration (hh:mm: ss)The time duration for which the call was placed in a hold state.
Total Call Duration (hh:mm: ss)This is the sum of the ring duration, wait duration, answer duration, and hold duration.
Agent Call Duration (in seconds)It refers to the amount of time an agent spends on a phone call with a customer or caller.
Hold CountThe number of times the call was put on hold.
Retry CountThis tells you the number of times the call was re-attempted (retry count = 1, 2, 3, etc.).
Short CallA short call is one that lasts within the time range set in the campaign form. If it lasts longer than the time limit, then it is not a short call.
SLA AdherenceWhether the call was answered by an agent within the SLA mentioned in the inbound queue form (only applicable for inbound calls).
CircleThis represents the customer's network region. For example, Delhi, Haryana, etc.
OperatorThe telecom operators of the customer, like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc.
Recording URLThis is the URL path for a downloadable MP3 audio recording of a particular call segment. The recording is stored, retrieved, and evaluated, according to business needs.
Note: Available recording formats are: Mono(default) & Stereo.
Call FlowThe sequence of steps and interactions that occur during a phone call.