Dialer Skills List

This article focuses on Dialer Skill Lists and contains a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a skill list.

  1. Login to the Servetel portal and click on Services > Outbound Services > Dialer Skills List.
  2. Click on Add Skill List.

  1. Enter the required details and click on Submit.

  1. Once the list has been successfully added. Click on Select an Action to Edit, Delete or Add Skill to the list.

  1. To add a skill, select the skill list and then click on Add Skill.

  1. Enter the required skill and click on Submit.

  1. Click on Select an Action to Edit or Delete the skill.

  1. Download the skill list by clicking on Download CSV.

  1. Click on Upload CSV to upload the skills list.

  1. Click on Upload after choosing the file.

  1. Download a sample by clicking on Sample File.