Department Performance Report

This section contains performance reports of various departments.

To view the department performance report, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Reporting tab on the side navigation.
  2. Click Department Performance Reports.
  3. Reports of the performance of various departments get displayed.

Department performance report

The report consists of the following fields:

Total CallsShows the total number of calls from the department.
Answered CallsDisplays the total number of answered calls of the department.
Missed CallsDisplays missed calls of the department.
Answered Calls%Displays the percentage of answered calls by the department.
Unique CallersDisplays the number of unique callers for the department.
Total Call Handling TimeDisplays total call Handling time of the department.
Average Call Handling TimeShows average call handling time.
Average Number of Call Per DayShows the average number of calls per day.
  • Download CSV: This button helps to download the department performance report in a .csv format.
  • Select KPI: Click the button to add fields in the report to display information about other available call data.

Department performance report