A Department can be used to distribute calls to a group of agents.

To add a department, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Services tab on the left navigation panel.
  2. Click Departments.
  3. A list of all the departments appears along with the relevant details.
  4. Click on Add Department.


  1. Enter the general details as per the fields described below.

NameEnter the name of the department.
DescriptionEnter the description of the department.
Ring StrategyWhen a customer dials an extension, several strategies can be devised to distribute the calls as per the availability and the number of agents.
Simultaneously: Rings all available agents simultaneously.
Order by: Rings agents as per a particular sequence.
Random: Rings agents in no particular sequence.
Round Robin: Rings the next agent as per a pre-decided order.
Longest Wait Time: Rings the agent who has waited for the longest to take a call.
Music on HoldPlay a recording of music or speech when an incoming call is placed on hold.
Note: In order to make a system recording to be used as music on hold, click the Select an action dropdown button against it and click Mark Music on Hold File.
Missed Call SMSSelect the SMS template to send a missed call alert to the caller.
Sticky AgentSelect yes to enable sticky agent.
Use it as QueueSelect Yes or No to make callers wait in a queue to get their call answered.
Failover MusicMusic which will play if no one picks up the call. Leave blank for default message.
Queue TimeoutTime for which the queue will run.
Simultaneous Call PatchingEnter the number of calls that can be patched simultaneously.
AgentAssign agents to the department.
Ring TimeoutEnter the duration after which the call gets forwarded to failover.
Failover DestinationEnter the destination to which the call should be forwarded if an agent is unavailable.
Failover Missed Call SMSEnter the destination where failover SMS should be sent.
Queue Limit (Toggle)Enable the toggle to set the queue limit.
Queue LimitOnce Queue Limit toggle is enabled, enter the maximum number of callers allowed in a queue before failover.
Queue Limit Failover DestinationSelect the failover destination where the call will be transferred if queue limit gets crossed.
Queue Welcome Announcement (Toggle)Toggle it ON / OFF to enable/disable queue welcome announcement music.
Music on Queue Welcome AnnouncementOnce Queue Welcome Announcement toggle is enabled, select the music (announcement) to be played that the customer will hear once he becomes part of the queue.
Queue Announce Holdtime (Toggle)Enable the toggle to notify the caller about the approx. hold time. Example: less than 2 mins, less than 10 mins, or more than 20 mins.
Queue Position Announcement (Toggle)Enable the toggle to announce positions for the first 20 callers in the queue.
Queue Periodic Announcement (Toggle)Enable the toggle to make periodic queue announcement after a fixed interval for a caller waiting in queue.
Queue Periodic Announcement Time PeriodOnce Queue Periodic Announcement toggle is enabled, enter the time period for queue periodic announcement.
Music on Queue Periodic AnnouncementSelect the recording to be played for making periodic announcement.
Transcription (Toggle)Enable the toggle to create transcriptions of call.

Click on Select an Action next to that department to perform the Edit or Delete operation.