Channel Utilization Summary

The Channel Utilization Summary report helps you to optimize staffing. Ascertain the number of concurrent channels utilized for each trunk, access detailed call statistics, and identify call trends and strategies accordingly.

To view all your channel utilization summary, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Reporting from the side navigation pane and navigate to the General> Channel Utilization Summary option.

  2. Click on Select Any Trunk and choose the trunk for which the summary is required.

  3. Click on the dates in the bar and then select the time period for which details are required.

  4. Click Search.

Graph Report

This button will help you to view the report graphically.

  1. Click Graph Report in the top-right corner.

  2. Click Save as JPEG to save the report in JPEG format.

DateThe date on which the channel was used.
Pilot NumberCentralized number provisioned for any particular account's trunk.
Provisioned ChannelsThe number of channels provisioned for your selected trunk.
Max Concurrent ChannelsThe maximum number of channels utilized simultaneously on a trunk at one time in a day.
Peak UtilizationPercentage of the maximum utilization of channels in a day.
Peak Utilization TimeThe time when the number of channels utilized was highest in a day.
Type of UsageCategorization based on the Peak Utilization percentage of a particular day. For example: Healthy, Average, etc.
Export Raw DataExport single channel data in CSV format.